45kg Clorbrite

Clorbrite is calcium hypochlorite and consists of 70% active chlorine. It is used not only to shock a pool but also to erosion feeders as the main way to disinfect a pool. 

Clorbrite is an incredible pool sanitizer and gives the added benefit of calcium to your water. Clorbrite, particularly for pools with plaster surfaces, helps saturate the water with calcium to reduce the risk of etching. This makes Clorbrite the best pool product for you to use regularly in both home and commercial pools. 

The key to Clorbrite’s success is:

– Fast-dissolving
– Kills bacteria and controls algae 
– Fast-acting 
– Also used as a shock treatment

Rs 8,100.00

Why Clorbrite?

You can scratch pool chlorine off your shopping list. Order Clorbrite and have your chlorine delivered directly to your door, or choose a subscription plan that suits your needs and we'll deliver it monthly...for free!*


Maintenance and 

shock treatments

Fast-dissolving for 

all pool sizes

Integral to your 

pool care schedule

Bright and clean 

all year round

Delivery within 48 hours

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